Dear Guests,

Welcome to our Hotel.

Thank you for choosing us for your vacation, we reassure you that we will honor you for the trust that you show us and that the health and safety of our employees, our guests and the local community remains our first & foremost priority. Our strategic goal is the implementation of the continuous improvement of health & safety procedures.

The unique location & the natural morphology of Sikyon Coast allows us to design and apply a protocol whose main goal is to ensure the ideal conditions in order for our guests to enjoy our services during their stay at our Hotel and to experience the exclusive hospitality.

The rules and measures that we apply are according to the guidelines of E.O.D.Y (the National Organization of Public Health) and the protocols which have been established and certified by the competent specialized authorities.

We believe that it is important to inform you about the measures that we take in our property and specifically in all the departments of our Hotel in order to ensure the health and safety of our guests, our visitors, our employees and our partners.


In all the premises of the Hotel, we follow systematically the cleaning, sanitation and disinfection protocols that meet or exceed the industry’s guidelines. These protocols include the following:

- Apparent installation of hand disinfection applicators and KIT providers of MOPP (measures of personal protection) in all our premises (Reception, Palmer’s, Beach area, Angelo)
- Standard cleaning & disinfection cycles of the external and internal surfaces & public areas such as corridors, stairwells, elevators, verandas.


- Regular training in safety and sanitation issues for all our employees.
- Use of the provided protection equipment MOPP (measures of personal protection) where required, according to the protocols.

We have established accommodation rules so that together with the proper health protocols, the safety methods and operating procedures, to ensure the wellbeing of our visitors during their stay to our Hotel. Those accommodation rules include the following:


- Recommendation to our visitors to keep distance of two (2) meters from the next person in order of priority by approaching any service area (Reception, Restaurants & Beach area)
- We provide to our visitors a MOPP (measures of personal protection) in all the public areas of the Hotel.
- Maintenance and control of the operation of all the mechanical installations in accordance to the current health requirements.
- Information of the maximum use of the elevators by two adults, with a recommendation of using a face mask.
- To avoid any health issues that may be caused by third party products and/or services it is not allowed consuming food inside the Hotel that comes from external food distribution services.
We follow the following procedures in each section of the Hotel:


- Defining a parking space for our tenants.


- Check out: 11:00 Check in: 15:00.
- Possibility from a distance of a paperless check in.
- Disinfection of key cards.
- BREAKFAST: 8.00 – 11.30 (Possibility of Room Service with extra charge), LUNCH: 13.00 – 19.00,

DINNER: 20.00 – 23.00


- Informative document for of all safety, sanitation and cleaning procedures in the room.
- Use of ecological and environmentally friendly cleaning products and tools.
- Room cleaning service every 3 days.
- Change of bed linen and towels every 3 days.
- Installation of antiseptics.


- Reduction of our restaurants’ capacity and configuration of premises in accordance with the provided provisions.
- New processes of service, ordering, cleaning & sanitation.
- Update over the phone on restaurant’s availability


- New procedures for ordering, delivering and receiving a tray in the room for guests’ convenience.
- Use of sanitary packaging and utensils.


- The swimming pool is in use


-Implementation of the rules provided for safety and sanitation as well as compliance with the required limits, distances and bathing concentrations
- Delimitation of special rental space. Indication of a specific umbrella corresponding to each room.
- Use of disposable sanitary packaging and utensils.


- Τhe Physis Spa & Health Centre will be in use only for body & face treatments.

As part of our commitment to the health and well-being of our visitors, our employees and society, we are closely following the developments with regular updates and guidance of the National Organization of Public Health (E.O.D.Y) and the Ministry of Health from a specialized staff of collaborating doctors as well as from additional governmental and European organizations. Based on the guidance, we have received the general state of our readiness, we are confident that our facilities and services are still safe and our staff ready to serve our guests.

Our goal is to provide high quality personalized services. All members of our team are enthusiastic professionals at the disposal of our guests and ready to respond immediately and effectively to their requests.

All staff members’ priority of Sikyon Coast is to show the highest level of individual, social and professional responsibility as well as to apply all the required safety and sanitation measures currently in effect demonstrating at all times exemplary hospitality.

We appreciate every visitor who honors our destination.

We are looking forward to welcome you,